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In order to serve you better, you may be asked to fill some forms before your visit. Please give yourself extra 15 min prior to your appointment time for filling out your forms.  Also suggest you to find out which is your preferred laboratory that your insurance allows you to use before the visit.  Please bring in your insurance card  and your photo ID with you at visit. If you are going to have any office procedure, check with doctor for the specific instructions for the procedure.


请给您充分的时间就诊,建议提前十五分钟到达诊所填写表格。 因为每个保险指定的化验地点不同, 建议您能提前问清您的保险所指定的化验及其它检查地点。 就诊时, 需要出示您的保险卡, 或有关证件。 如果您需要在诊所做门诊手术, 请在术前严遵医嘱以保证手术顺利进行。

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