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What to Pack for Labor & Delivery

Packing before the labor start will avoid unnecessary hassal. You want to be sure to include all the essentials, but you also don’t want to over-pack and end up lugging a heavy bag filled with unnecessary stuffs. We suggest that you have your bags packed around Week 36 of your pregnancy.

For Labor:

Mills-peninsula hospital has a brand new, state of art,  rooming labor delivery suite. You will most likely stay in the same room before, during and after birth. The hospital supplied with almost all stuffs that you and your baby need during labor and postpartum from toothbrush, gown to diaper, maternal pad. If you do not like to use the gown, toothbrush, lotion, you may pack some your owns, suggest items for you to bring in

  • Your health insurance card, ID, and any required form from hospital, note pad and a pen

  • A barrette or hairband to tie back your hair

  • Glasses case

  • A cassette or CD player and some soothing music, message oil

  • A camera with fully charged batteries, if you plan to take picture. For video, generally is not allowed, but may check with the hospital policy

  • Phone numbers of people you want to call after the birth

  • Magazine or other reading material

  • A receiving blanket and clothes for your newborn to wear home

  • Loose-fitting clothes for you to wear home

  • A car seat


Always check over-the-counter cold medications for alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or aspirin. Medications should be taken as directed and for no longer than seven days. If symptoms persist, call our office.

  • Allergy relief medicine (ARM)

  • Benadryl (tablet, capsule, and liquid form),

  • Claritin

  • Robitussin DM

  • Throat lozenges

  • Tylenol Sinus

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